Half-page newspaper campaign | Seven Oaks
Full-page newspaper campaign | Santa Barbara
Cover and several spreads of brochure for newhomes.com, a web site for finding new homes on-line | NewHomes.com
Dominant page newspaper ads introducing a master-planned community in Central Florida in tune with the environment | Town of Harmony
Stationery system | The Town of Harmony
Full page newspaper ads for a master-planned community in the country in Mississippi | Tradition
Billboards | Tradition
Alternate campaign, full-page newspaper ads | Tradition
Investor brochure for master-planned community | Connerton
Half-page newspaper ads | Watergrass
Brochure cover and inside spread | Watergrass
Consumer newspaper & magazine ads   | Ryland Homes
Brochure cover and inside spread | Hannah Bartoletta Homes
1/2 Page newspaper ads | Hannah Bartoletta Homes
Direct mail self-mailer, cover and inside spreads | Mandalay Beach Club
Newspaper insert and ads, retirement hotel | Princess Martha
Logo design & layout for promotional letterhead directed to real estate brokers | Terrabrookok