The first image of many of my cat in this sketchbook
A small park on the Hillsborough river near me
I took a trip out west, these are drawn from various waiting areas. Can anyone say"Ennui"?
My Mom and Dad
A beautiful domed building built in the 1920s above a natural sulphur springs
I love drawing fruit and veggies
Woman practicing dressage on her horse, with her dog trotting alongside
This is the spot where Jules Verne launched the rocket Columbiad in "From the Earth to the Moon"
My cat loves to sit on the paper I'm reading, don't they all?
Molly birdwatching
What's up with those half open sideways eyes?
Molly studiously ignoring me
a la Tommy Kane
Dog in a Bar 1 — First in a series
A tribute to my friends' dog Rocket
She's a huge Maine Coon
Dog in a Bar 2 — The calmest puppy ever, thus the name Zen
Dog in a Bar 3 — One tired ole fellow
At rest
Up for adoption
What a pill…
Trying to draw Molly outside, not easy following her around
So a penguin walks into a bar…
This was Moe, he is missed
Dog in a Bar 4
Dog in a Bar 5
10 years old and up for adoption
Looking to be adopted
She's wanting a home, too
Dog in a a Bar 6
Dog in a Bar 7
At the Lakehouse in Lutz
Dog in a Bar 8  — This was just the sweetest snaggletoothed guy
Visiting in Green Cove Springs
Dog in a Bar 9
Handsome fellow up for adoption
Dog in a Bar 10
She's up for adoption
Chip is up for adoption and very eager
Sassy wants to be adopted
Waiting to be adopted
Waiting to be adopted
Another cutie up for adoption — check out those ears
Waiting to be adopted
The fountain at Lowry Park Zoo
Local Coffee Shop, Buddy Brew
Dog in a Bar 11
For Mai and James
Watching TV with Molly
Molly perching
One more Molly
Watching a group at the beach
Series of quick drawings done on ipad pro with apple pen in adobe sketch while waiting in the jury pool